It’s Monday, June 1st, 2015…but before we begin, Hope ‘n Change perfectly makes our point Progressives’ concerns have nothing to do with people

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…rather they are all about powertheir power…and to hell with anyone who stands between them and their goal, particularly the Middle Class and every other portion of America actually footing the bill for an endless torrent of what are clearly counterproductive policies.

Now, here’s The Gouge!

Since we’re on the subject of power-hungry Progressives, first up, James Taranto details the true depths of the Clintons’ greed and depravity as he chronicles…

The Kindness of Strangers



Another greedy-Clinton jaw-dropper from the New York Times:

To commemorate the 10th anniversary of the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami, Petra Nemcova, a Czech model who survived the disaster by clinging to a palm tree, decided to pull out all the stops for the annual fund-raiser of her school-building charity, the Happy Hearts Fund.

She booked Cipriani 42nd Street, which greeted guests with Bellini cocktails on silver trays. She flew in Sheryl Crow with her band and crew for a 20-minute set. She special-ordered heart-shaped floral centerpieces, heart-shaped chocolate parfaits, heart-shaped tiramisù and, because orange is the charity’s color, an orange carpet rather than a red one. She imported a Swiss auctioneer and handed out orange rulers to serve as auction paddles, playfully threatening to use hers to spank the highest bidder for an Ibiza vacation.

The gala cost $363,413. But the real splurge? Bill Clinton.

The former president of the United States agreed to accept a lifetime achievement award at the June 2014 event after Ms. Nemcova offered a $500,000 contribution to the Bill, Hillary and Chelsea Clinton Foundation. The donation, made late last year after the foundation sent the charity an invoice, amounted to almost a quarter of the evening’s net proceedsenough to build 10 preschools in Indonesia.

Some have made efforts to figure out what percentage of its funds the Clinton Foundation and its subsidiaries has actually gone to charity. Perhaps someone should try to total up how much the Clintons and their foundation have taken from charity.

Which just goes to prove, in concert with this next item from Bill Meisen and CNS News, nothing Liberals do even remotely benefits anyone…but themselves:

Blame It on Global Cooling? Obama Has Lowest Average 1stQ GDP Growth of Any President on Record



While The Obamao’s surf may be up, his economy is totally in the tank. 

Even if you leave out the first quarter of 2009—when the recession that started in December 2007 was still ongoing–President Barack Obama has presided over the lowest average first-quarter GDP growth of any president who has served since 1947, which is the earliest year for which the Bureau of Economic Analysis has calculated quarterly GDP growth.

In all first quarters since 1947, the real annual rate of growth of GDP has averaged 4.0 percentIn the seven first quarters during Obama’s presidency, it has declined by an average of -0.43 percent. And if you leave out the first quarter of 2009 and look only at the first quarters of the six years since the recession ended, it has averaged only 0.4 percent…”

Only the mindlessness of the myrmidons who compose the Dimocrats’ coalition of the clueless can explain even their existence as a party, let alone their continuing grip on power.  Case in point, the latest titillating tale torn from the pages of The Crime Blotter:

The New Nationwide Crime Wave

The consequences of the ‘Ferguson effect’ are already appearing. The main victims of growing violence will be the inner-city poor.



“…President Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder, before he stepped down last month, embraced the conceit that law enforcement in black communities is infected by bias. The news media pump out a seemingly constant stream of stories about alleged police mistreatment of blacks, with the reports often buttressed by cellphone videos that rarely capture the behavior that caused an officer to use force.

If these decriminalization and deincarceration policies backfire, the people most harmed will be their supposed beneficiaries: blacks, since they are disproportionately victimized by crime. The black death-by-homicide rate is six times higher than that of whites and Hispanics combined. The killers of those black homicide victims are overwhelmingly other black civilians, not the police. The police could end all use of lethal force tomorrow and it would have at most a negligible impact on the black death rate. In any case, the strongest predictor of whether a police officer uses force is whether a suspect resists arrest, not the suspect’s race.

Contrary to the claims of the “black lives matter” movement, no government policy in the past quarter century has done more for urban reclamation than proactive policing. Data-driven enforcement, in conjunction with stricter penalties for criminals and “broken windows” policing, has saved thousands of black lives, brought lawful commerce and jobs to once drug-infested neighborhoods and allowed millions to go about their daily lives without fear.

To be sure, police officers need to treat everyone they encounter with courtesy and respect. Any fatal police shooting of an innocent person is a horrifying tragedy that police training must work incessantly to prevent. But unless the demonization of law enforcement ends, the liberating gains in urban safety over the past 20 years will be lost.

Seriously, with success like this, who needs failure?!?  Fact is, to these hypocritical, power-hungry narcissists…and those like them…


Black lives don’t matter; only their continued control, over the lives of Blacks, Whites, Browns, Yellows, Reds and yes, even Greens.  Meanwhile, we’ve got one word for inner-city America: “Toyota”, baby:


Here’s the juice: from where we sit, the denizens of America’s urban enclaves are only receiving the government they deserve.

Speaking of narcissistic, power-hungry Progressives who count failure as success, the WSJ opines on yet another Liberal liar with perhaps even more baggage than the Clintons, namely…

Hillary’s Progressive Rival

Martin O’Malley wants to do to America what he did to Maryland.



“Former Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley believes he can give Hillary Clinton a run for the White House by playing Senator Elizabeth Warren’s liberal understudy. This will be a tough act, but maybe not as hard as persuading voters that what was bad for Maryland will be good for America.

The 52-year-old Mr. O’Malley announced his bid for the Democratic presidential nomination on Saturday in Baltimore, the city he ran as mayor from 1999 to 2007 before ascending to the governorship. The backdrop did not feature rubble from the recent riots, nor looted businesses or families of the city’s 40 homicide victims in May—a record.

The otherwise proud progressive has mostly refrained from talking publicly about Baltimore and Maryland. Who can blame him? Unemployment in Baltimore is 8.1%, and the city’s population has declined by about 35,000 since 1999. The median household income of blacks is about half that of whites, even as Mr. O’Malley campaigns against inequality.

He plans to run to Hillary Clinton’s left, and on Saturday he bemoaned “a growing injustice in our country today.” Yet his party has controlled the White House for seven years, and he governed Maryland like a progressive lab experiment. He claimed he could balance the budget merely by soaking the rich, but during his eight years as Governor he raised 40 some taxes, or $3 billion a year, and blew out spending by a third…”

Two thoughts: first, compared to Marty, Rick Perry is a rocket surgeon.  Second, Marylanders think so little of O’Money voters in this bluest of states wouldn’t elect his BLACK Lieutenant Governor.

We should also mention when running for mayor, O’Money made improving Baltimore’s failing schools and reducing the city’s ever-increasing rates of violent crime the central plans of his campaign.  And he was successful…but only if one counts lowering the passing grade from 60 to 50, and changing the methodology with which Baltimore’s police catalogue “violent” crime as improvement.  Yet, in an early indication of how the MSM would lie of behalf of The Obamao, that’s how the Baltimore Sun reported it.

Then again, he has

…cheated on Mrs. O’Malley; which, at least by Dimocratic standards, certainly qualifies Marty for the Oval Office.

On the Lighter Side…

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Finally, we’ll call it a wrap with Yet Another Sign The Apocalypse Is Upon Us:, courtesy of America’s increasingly politically-correct Neighbor to the North:

British Columbia’s Human Rights Tribunal to Consider Eliminating Gender from Birth Certificates



The Human Rights Tribunal in British Columbia will consider completely eliminating gender designations from birth certificates in response to complaints from the Trans Alliance Society (TAS) and other transgender individuals, according to an article in the National Post.

According to the complainants, we need to stop acting as if doctors can tell the sex of a baby just by looking at the baby’s genitals: Birth certificates [may] give false information about people and characterize them in a way that is actually wrong, that assumes to be right, and causes people . . . actual harm,” said transgender woman and TAS chair Morgane Oger. “It’s considered true and infallible when it isn’t,” she added.

“She”; you’re kidding, right?!?  And “Oger”?!?  Are we the only one this…creature…and “her” incredibly apropos sobriquet reminds of this scene from Meet the Parents?!?

“Gay Focker”: talk about life imitating art!!!