It’s Monday, October 26th, 2015…but before we begin, the WSJ‘s Kimberly Strassel tells you all you need to know about Hillary’s prevaricative performance last Thursday:

She Knew All Along

The House hearing on Benghazi reveals that Hillary Clinton’s spin about the attack was a politically expedient fiction.



“Thanks to Hillary Clinton’s Benghazi testimony on Thursday, we now understand why the former secretary of state never wanted anyone to see her emails and why the State Department sat on documents. Turns out those emails and papers show that the Obama administration deliberately misled the nation about the deadly events in Libya on Sept. 11, 2012.

Don’t forget how we came to this point. Mrs. Clinton complained in her testimony on Capitol Hill that past Congresses had never made the overseas deaths of U.S. officials a “partisan” issue. That’s because those past deaths had never inspired an administration to concoct a wild excuse for their occurrence, in an apparent attempt to avoid blame for a terror attack in a presidential re-election year.

The early hints that this is exactly what happened after the murder of Ambassador Christopher Stevens and three other Americans cast doubt on every White House-issued “fact” about the fiasco and led to the establishment of Rep. Trey Gowdy’s select committee.

What that House committee did Thursday was finally expose the initial deception…”

As Jonah Goldberg notes:

Yesterday’s hearings confirmed that Hillary Clinton deliberately and knowingly lied when she blamed it all on that video. This really isn’t a debatable point now(In other words, the sociopathic science is settled!) We can argue about why she lied and we can debate whether that lie matters. But that she lied is incontrovertible.

First of all, we know that the video story wasn’t, in fact, true.

Second, we know that the Obama administration knew it wasn’t true.

Third we know that Hillary knew it wasn’t true. (You could claim that she was lying to the Egyptian prime minister when she said, “We know that the attack in Libya had nothing to do with the film.” But it seems less likely that she would have lied to her own daughter on the night of the attack.)

After reading many of Clinton’s e-mails — never mind her bizarre claim in the Democratic debate that the Libyan intervention was a success story — it seems pretty clear that one of her motivations was to shift blame away from what sheand Sid Blumenthalhad wrought. They had schemed for a long time to find a way to spin the Libyan adventure as her triumph in anticipation of a presidential run. The Benghazi debacle threatened to shed light on the underlying policy failurenot just of failing to provide security, but of the whole intervention. Better to blame the video.

In other words…


…she lies like a rug.

Which is, of course, why she became…


Should America opt to elect yet another prevaricating Progressive…


…she’ll get everything she deserves, and less…of everything!!

Then again, with friends like these


…who needs Dimocrats?!?

Now, here’s The Gouge!

First up, a former Republican whose ego and hatred of Ollie North led him to the Dark Side finally wakes up and smells the bullsh*t his adopted party’s been peddling for the last 30-odd years:

Jim Webb: CNN Debate Was ‘Rigged’ For Clinton And Sanders


Jim Webb

Whose side did Jimmy think they were on?!?

“Jim Webb says the first Democratic debate on CNN was “rigged” by the network and its moderator Anderson Cooper to favor Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders.

Webb, speaking at the Council on Foreign Relations on Thursday, insisted, “I’m going to be very frank, it was rigged in terms of who was going to get the time on the floor by the way that Anderson Cooper was selecting people to supposedly respond to something someone else said.”

Webb joked, “I even turned around to Bernie Sanders at one point and said, Bernie, say my name, will you? Say my name. So you know, in that kind of an environment, you know, I was either going to be Mr. Angry or I was going to be a potted plant. That was the only way to try to get into the conversation.”…”

Gee, Jim, since before the Civil War…when they were on the side of slavery…Dimocrats have rigged elections, countenanced all manner of voter fraud (including casting ballots for the deceased and enfranchising illegal aliens and convicts), impoverished generations of Americans, Black and White, in what amounts to indentured servitude to the government, all the while controlling the vast majority of the MSM.  And now you’re surprised the CNN debate was rigged?!?

Webb’s belated…and decidedly disingenuous…news bulletin reminds of Claude Rains’ duplicitous pronouncement in Casablanca:

Which got us thinking about the theme for today’s edition: lying as an integral part of the Progressive party’s entire platform.

Stay with us as we consider this snippet from a summary of the wreck of the Costa Concordia:

Some Experts Fear a Toxic Spill



“…Costa Concordia had only just set off on a Mediterranean cruise when it ran aground in the waters by Giglio Island, leaving behind a week’s worth of food for more than 4,000 people. The grocery list of items trapped inside the ship right now includes 11,000 eggs, 17,000lbs of beef, 5,500lbs of cheese and more than 1,000 gallons of milk, according to the Daily Telegraph, among a host of other now-rotten foods. Experts fear this toxic stew —which also includes paint, cleaning supplies and insecticideis just waiting to spew out of the crippled cruise liner when it’s righted Monday, polluting the pristine waters and marring the picturesque coast…”

Except nothing happened!  In fact, as they’d already drained the fuel tanks, nothing really could happen.  Yet the Environazis continued to trumpet the possibilities!!!  Yeah, and we might dunk a basketball!

Which got us thinking about the latest Progressive wet dream:

Mexico braces for Hurricane Patricia, the strongest storm ever recorded in the Western hemisphere – ‘This is the only hurricane that’s ever been this powerful


That was the hype; but in keeping with every every other predicted environmental catastrophe, the reality…

Megastorm Patricia Inflicts Little Damage On Mexican Coast


…was far less destructive, i.e., statistically insignificant!!!

Seriously; remember when Prince William Sound, indeed, the entire coast of Alaska, was to be irreversibly damaged by the fractured hull of the Exxon Valdez?



Approximately 11 million gallons or 257,000 barrels or 35,000 metric tonnes (38,800 short tons). Picture the swimming pool at your school or in your community. The amount of spilled oil is roughly equivalent to 17 olympic-sized swimming pools.

How much oil was the Exxon Valdez carrying?
53,094,510 gallons or 1,264,155 barrels

How does the Exxon Valdez spill compare to other spills?
The Exxon Valdez spill, though still one of the largest ever in the United States, has dropped from the top 50 internationally (view a list of top oil spills worldwide). It is widely considered the number one spill worldwide in terms of damage to the environment, however. The timing of the spill, the remote and spectacular location, the thousands of miles of rugged and wild shoreline, and the abundance of wildlife in the region combined to make it an environmental disaster well beyond the scope of other spills.

How many miles of shoreline were impacted by oil?
Approximately 1,300 miles. 200 miles were heavily or moderately oiled (meaning the impact was obvious); 1,100 miles were lightly or very lightly oiled (meaning light sheen or occasional tarballs). By comparison, there is more than 9,000 miles of shoreline in the spill region.

How was the spill cleaned up?
Complicated question. It took more than four summers of cleanup efforts before the effort was called off. Not all beaches were cleaned and some beaches remain oiled today. At its peak the cleanup effort included 10,000 workers, about 1,000 boats and roughly 100 airplanes and helicopters, known as Exxon’s army, navy, and air force. It is widely believed, however, that wave action from winter storms did more to clean the beaches than all the human effort involved.

Yes, rather than the eternity of pollution predicted, the remediation effort was concluded in less than five years.

And do you recall when BP‘s Deepwater Horizon blowout heralded the end of life as we know it on the entire Gulf Coast?

The BP Spill: Has the Damage Been Exaggerated?

So far, predictions of ecological catastrophe on the Gulf Coast following the BP oil spill seem overblown



Yeah; same-o, same-o.

Now contemplate that in the ’70’s, mankind was facing a coming Ice Age, which inexorably led to anthropogenic global warming…


…followed by inescapable winter blizzards and irreversible climate change?!? 


Can anyone think of one, just one, apocalyptic Progressive prediction which has ever come true?  When we were in high school, Liberals assured us, absent drastic changes in the American way of life, the world had no food, fuel or future.  40+ years later, the country’s awash in oil and gas, flush with food and should be looking at a bright and shiny tomorrow; but bright and shiny tomorrows aren’t what allow Progressives to accumulate and keep power.

And power, dear ones, is what these political parasites are all about.  Remember that next time one of them tries to tell you what to wear/eat/drive, how to think, where to live or how to protect yourself and your family.

We for one are going to tell them exactly what they can do with their…”suggestion”; cuz we’re mad as hell, and we’re not going to take this anymore!

Unfortunately, The Left’s lies aren’t limited to the fabricated folly of human-induced climate change:

Obama’s Tragic Let ’em Out Fantasy

The president leads the charge to cut the prison population, but mass incarceration isn’t the problem. Rising crime is.



“No, seriously, you’re free; after all, it’s not like you’re going to get through MY family’s 24/7 Secret Service detail!”

Coming soon to a neighborhood close to you!


Every time he lies, patriotic Americans die!!!  And Hillary may well prove worse.

On the Lighter Side…

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