It’s Wednesday, September 14th, 2016…and here’s The Gouge!

First up, for those who might otherwise be concerned over Hillary’s health, Joe Biden, noted medical, misstatement, malapropism, plagiarism and shotgun expert, has the situation well in hand:

Everyone Calm Down, Dr. Joe Biden Says Hillary Clinton is in Good Health



“You stupid, spineless schmuck; you’d have been a shoo-in!”

But even if she is in poor health…really poor health, which we firmly believe to be the case…


…her shills in the MSM assure us, don’t worry…

Besides, given the unseasonably oppressive heat and humidity Monday morning in New York…

Most Blatant Pro-Hillary Lies Yet as MSM Cites Oppressive Weather, Pantsuit for Collapse


…Hillary’s collapse was completely understandable…except for the unfortunate truth:


Absolutely blistering; so hot you could have fried an egg on the leg of Hillary’s pantsuit!

No collusion whatsoever here, despite the fact penguins wouldn’t consider 78°F and 63% humidity “horrific”, and the term “power through” was simultaneously utilized by every reporter on every Progressive propaganda channel!  We remind readers the same cable “news” outlets which today dismiss as irrelevant Hillary’s seizures, fainting spells, blood clots, memory loss and other health-related maladies in the run-up to the 2016 election found John McCain’s skin cancer of significant concern back in 2008!

MSM bias…WHAT bias?!?

Since we’re on the subject of Liberal lies, the great Thomas Sowell opines…

On the Many Ways to Spin Statistics

From household income to capital gains, there are boundless possibilities for spinning numbers to score political points.



The new Liberal math!

“Mark Twain famously said that there were three kinds of lies: “lies, damned lies, and statistics.” Since this is an election year, we can expect to hear plenty of all three kinds. Even if the statistics themselves are absolutely accurate, the words that describe what they are measuring can be grossly misleading.

Household income statistics are an obvious example. When we hear about how much more income the top 20 percent of households make, compared with the bottom 20 percent of households, one key fact is usually left out. There are millions more people in the top 20 percent of households than in the bottom 20 percent of households.

The number of households is the same but the number of people in those households is very different. In 2002, there were 40 million people in the bottom 20 percent of households and 69 million people in the top 20 percent.

A little over half of the households in the bottom 20 percent have nobody working. You don’t usually get a lot of income for doing nothing. In 2010, there were more people working full-time in the top 5 percent of households than in the bottom 20 percent.

Household income statistics can be very misleading in other ways. The number of people per household is different among different racial or ethnic groups, as well as from one income level to another, and it is different from one time period to another.

Why do so many people in the media, in academia and in politics use household income statistics, when the number of people per household can vary so much, while individual income statistics always mean the average income of one person?

Although individual income statistics can give a truer picture, not everyone makes truth their highest priority. Alarming news that household incomes have failed to rise, or have actually fallen, is more exciting news for the media, or for alarmists in academia or in politics.

Such alarming news can attract a larger audience for the media, and can justify an expansion of government programs dear to the heart of academics on the left, or to politicians who just want more power to hand out goodies and collect more votes from the beneficiaries…”

Which is why the Magoo Corollary to Twain’s observation states, “There are liars, damned liars…then there’s Liberals!”

Turning now to Matters Military, this item from FOX News offers yet another reason, were we elected President, we’d clean house in the ranks of the Pentagon as Donald Trump has suggested:

At least 20 Marines face punishment over Muslim recruit’s suicide



Trigger warning: while excessive screaming may hurt your feelings, enemy bullets can completely ruin your day!

“A Marine recruit committed suicide in March amid a widespread culture of hazing and abuse in his battalion at Parris Island that could lead to punishments for as many as 20 officers and enlisted leaders, the Marine Corps said Thursday.

…The findings are the result of three investigations conducted over the past six months by Maj. Gen. James Lukeman from the service’s training and education command. They were undertaken after Raheel Siddiqui, 20, of Taylor, Michigan, died after falling nearly 40 feet in a stairwell.

An attorney for Siddiqui’s family, Nabih Ayad, has said the family has “always suspected hazing of some sort” in connection with his death. He did not return a phone call Thursday. A redacted investigative report did not mention Siddiqui by name but appeared to describe his death. It says that on March 18, the day Siddiqui died, an unnamed recruit wrote a note to his drill instructor asking to go to the infirmary for a sore throat. Because he didn’t follow proper procedure, the recruit was forced to run back and forth in his barracks, the report said.

After several runs, the recruit began to cry and fell to the floor clutching his throat, apparently unresponsive, the report said. He was ordered to get up and was slapped in the face, it said. After he was slapped, the recruit ran out a door and vaulted over a railing on the third floor of the barracks, the report said.

The investigation also revealed “recurrent physical and verbal abuse of recruits by drill instructors,” with a lack of oversight by officers. Furthermore, even new drill instructors were subjected to abuse by more senior drill instructors, a practice known as “hat hazing” because of the iconic flat-brimmed hats worn by the instructors.

The Michigan congresswoman who pressed the Marine Corps to look into Siddiqui’s death said the service has taken only the first step in helping his family get answers it deserves. “As a young Muslim man, he truly understood the value of freedom of religion and all he wanted was to defend the ideals our nation holds dear,” Rep. Debbie Dingellberry said in a statement.”

First, there’s NOTHING in this report to indicate Siddiqui’s treatment or death had anything to do with his religion, so why is it even mentionedexcept to infer anti-Islamic bias which didn’t exist.  Besides, Marine Drill Instructors don’t need an excuse to abuse recruits.

Second, these Marines aren’t training to become hair stylists; if recruits can’t handle verbal and even physical abuse, perhaps they should look into the Air Force.

Seriously, folks: our once-mighty Military is in a perilously parlous state, primarily because of the actions…or inexcusable inaction…of the “leaders” Trump wants to replace.  This related item courtesy of Balls Cotton and Ray Starrman writing at U.S. Defense Watch echoes a point we made last week:

Trump is Right: the Generals are Rubble



“During last night’s Commander in Chief Forum on the USS Intrepid, Mr. Trump told moderator Matt Lauer, in reference to the War on ISIS, “Well, the generals under Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton have not been successful,” Trump replied. “I think under the leadership of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, the generals have been reduced to rubble. They have been reduced to a point where it’s embarrassing for our country.”

Mr. Trump is certainly correct. The generals have been reduced to rubble. Actually, they have been ground into space dust, for the value that they give to this Republic.

Under the Obama Administration, for over seven years, the military’s senior leaders, the Joint Chiefs of Staff and three and four star generals and admirals in worldwide command positions have rolled over on every single foreign policy debacle and social engineering directive emanating from the White House, the Pentagon and the State Department.

Where were the generals and indeed the admirals when Obama pulled out of Iraq in 2012, turning the country into a Pandora’s Box from hell?

Where were the generals as the President tied the military’s hands with obscene rules of engagement in Afghanistan?

Where were the generals and admirals when the disastrous Iran Deal was signed, a deal that provides Iran everything it needs to build up its military, support terrorism and pursue a nuclear weapon, while doing nothing for America?

Where were the generals and admirals while Obama and Hillary Clinton dithered as the Syrian Civil War raged and we sat on the sidelines and did nothing?

Where were the generals and admirals as ISIS formed like a malignant category five hurricane in the Middle East?

Where were the generals and admirals as CENTCOM created intelligence to placate the imaginary beliefs of the White House concerning ISIS?

Where were the generals and admirals as China constructed an artificial archipelago ofmilitary bases and airstrips in the South China Sea?

Where were the generals and admirals as the White House abandoned one of our oldest and most loyal allies, Israel?

Where were the generals and admirals as the Marines cannibalized aircraft and equipment for spare parts and the Air Force raided aircraft boneyards?

Where were the generals as the US Army was reduced to a pre-1940 size?

Where were the admirals as the US Navy grew dangerously small?

Where were the generals and admirals as Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell was repealed?

Where were the generals and admirals as transgenders were authorized to serve on active duty and also authorized to receive free gender reassignment surgery?

Where were the generals as a conspiracy to graduate three women from Ranger School took place?

Where were the generals and admirals as the Secretary of the Navy ordered a new gender neutral lexicon for the Navy and Marine Corps?

Where were the generals as US Army ROTC cadets were ordered to parade around our nation’s campuses in women’s red high heels?

Where were the generals as US Army male soldiers were ordered to conduct physical training while wearing pregnancy simulators?

Where were the generals as the Secretary of the Army wrote, signed and distributed Breastfeeding and Lactation Support memos to worldwide Army commands?

Where were the generals when the Secretary of the Navy completely ignored the Marine Corps’ 36 million dollar study that outlined and proved in excruciating detail why women shouldn’t be assigned to combat arms units?

Where were the generals and admirals as the Secretary of Defense authorized women to serve in the combat arms and special operations?

Where were the generals and admirals when the Secretary of the Navy ordered the Marine Corps to conduct so called Unconscious Bias training, the Corps wide, Soviet style brainwashing to try and convince Marines that all genders are equal?

Where were the generals when the troops were ordered to receive sensitivity training in combat zones?

Where were the generals when the US Army conducted White Privilege Training?

Where were the generals and admirals when the DoD included online classes that portrayed the Bible and the US Constitution as sexist documents?

Where were the generals and admirals as the grand and glorious traditions of the US military were flushed down the toilet by the President?

Critics will say, what can the military’s senior leaders do? The military is subordinate to civilian leadership. Yes, that is true. Yet, not one single senior military leader has resigned in protest over Obama’s policies, or for that matter, not one single active duty senior military leader has voiced an opinion against Obama’s horrible national security decisions and destructive social engineering.

We don’t live in Idi Amin’s Uganda or North Korea under Kim Jong Nutjob.  For God’s sake, even in Nazi Germany, the German General Staff argued with Hitler about strategy. Obviously, America’s senior military leaders are lacking in intestinal fortitude and are more worried about their pensions (and post-retirement employment opportunities!) than about the nation they took an oath to serveAmerica’s senior military leaders have no more value than dime store dummies in uniforms.

Last night Mr. Trump correctly stated that he would fire many of the military’s senior leaders. In fact, Mr. Trump, if elected, must completely clean house in the US military. The top generals and admirals in the US armed forces have stood by and done nothing for over seven years as the military’s readiness, combat power, fighting spirit and morale have been thrown in a wood chipper by the President and his willing executioners in the Pentagon.

To which we can only add a hearty, heartfelt, “AMEN“!!!

And in the Say Good Night, Jill segment…

On 15th Anniversary of 9/11, A Presidential Candidate Says She Wouldn’t Have Given Order to Kill Bin Laden



“I think assassinations…they’re against international law to start with and to that effect, I think I would not have assassinated Osama bin Laden but would have captured him and brought him to trial.

Goodnight, Jill…along with Gary “Wasn’t Aleppo One of the Marx Brothers?!?” Johnson.

Which brings us, appropriately enough, to The Lighter Side

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