It’s Monday, September 26th, 2016…and after finally viewing 13 Hours last night while TLJ was away visiting her mom in P’cola, we’re more convinced than ever certain people…


…should be swinging for what they allowed to go down in Benghazi.  Furthermore, it reminded us, to date, NO ONE has accounted for the MIA status of America’s ostensible Commander-in-Chief during the critical time period in question.

As our good friend Stilton Jarlsberg observed, “I think those people died solely so Barry could keep saying he had Al Qaeda on the run during his 2012 campaign. And I’ll never forgive him for skipping his security briefing the next morning, flying instead to a political event in Las Vegas and then comparing the sacrifice of the volunteers working on his campaign to those who’d just died in Benghazi.”

Talk a total douche-pumping SOB!!!

Now, here’s The Gouge!

First up, Dubya proves yet again…

Bush Insists We Can’t Hide From Past During Opening of African-American History Museum in DC



…he’s about as useful as a…


Put another way:


And as truly Conservative as the rest of his RINO relatives.

Speaking of those useless as tits on a boar…along with dumb as a box of rocks…writing at, Matt Vespa notes…

Melissa Harris-Perry Wins MRC Honor For The Dumbest Quote Of The Year


Forget hiding behind the door; those with the intestinal fortitude to stomach this cretin’s commentary for more than even a few brief seconds know she wasn’t even in the building when the brains were handed out.

In a related item, the Daily Mail informs us…

Short Hillary wanted to debate tall Trump on a STEP STOOL – but was turned down – and she won’t get commercial breaks for coughing fits or fainting spells



Since a picture’s worth a thousand words, we’ll allow this little lassie to speak for us:


Although we in fact enjoy both vegetables and a very good relationship with our younger sibling!

As long as we’re on the subject of the first presidential debate, the WSJ‘s Kimberly Strassel has some sound and sage counsel for the would-be leader of The Gang Who Still Can’t Shoot Straight:

Trump Debate Dos and Don’ts

Voters know he’s a scrapper. But he must show an optimistic vision for America.



Which Donald will take the stage Monday?

Which Donald Trump will show up to Hofstra University on Monday night for the first presidential debate? The Oval Office may hinge on that question.

Presidential debates always matter, but the stakes in this first Trump-Clinton face-off are higher than most. Or at least they are for Mr. Trump. The billionaire’s biggest problem is that Americans remain unsure about what they would get with a Trump presidency.

Over the years they’ve seen Donald the reality TV star. They’ve seen Donald the one-time Democrat. They’ve seen Donald the unhinged. More recently, they’ve seen Donald the serious candidate. Yet Mr. Trump has no prior elected service from which to judge political or policy leadership. He has run only a few ads. For many voters, this first debate will be a (re)introduction, and at a critical time.


We’re relatively certain even he doesn’t have a clue!

Word is that Mr. Trump isn’t doing a whole lot of debate prep. But his team ought to have at least readied him for what should be the easy response to all the nasty attacks. Mrs. Clinton’s own past is so malodorous, so rife with crooked deals and lies, that Mr. Trump shouldn’t have to do much more than calmly question her credibility and then move on to better subjects.

Mr. Trump’s impulse no doubt will be to take it to her, to hit back, to dwell on Mrs. Clinton’s malfeasance. No doubt a few tough reminders to the audience of her ethical failings are necessary. But everyone already knows Mr. Trump is a scrapper. What he needs to show now is that he has his own optimistic and considered plans for change in America. This is one of his openings. In that same New York Times/CBS poll, 48% of voters felt Mr. Trump could bring about “real change.” Only 36% said that of Mrs. Clinton.

By being positive, Mr. Trump would draw a stark contrast. Mrs. Clinton these days looks perpetually angry and seems to have only one volume setting: yell. The press keeps noting that she is a seasoned debater, but then again she has mostly debated fellow Democrats and been questioned by sympathetic press. Her style is fairly predictable.

Mr. Trump is by contrast new to this. But that also gives him an advantage, in that he has the freedom and the personality to be unconventional and unpredictable. It could give him new momentum toward the White House—if he can get this first one right.

We’re not even sure Trump needs to hit it out of the park; rather, given Hillary’s broadly acknowledged unfamiliarity with either integrity or the truth, a solid single would suffice.  Extra bases would be nice, but to borrow a gin (the card game, not the liquor) analogy, “knock to get on/knock to get off”.

Then there’s this in the Too Little, Too Late segment:

Cruz caves, endorses Trump



The Donald may still do both Cruz and himself a favor by nominating Ted to the SCOTUS if he’s elected.  But absent such manna from Trump Heaven, it’s our opinion the junior Texas Senator’s political career has peaked; he’s played both ends against the middle far more than once-too-often!

Next, Zero Hedge‘s Tyler Durden answers the question inquiring minds have been asking:

Who Is Behind The Riots? Charlotte Police Says 70% Of Arrested Protesters Had Out Of State IDs



“Confirming what many had suspected when viewing the sudden and intense collapse into anarchy that occurred in Charlotte this week, Todd Walther, spokesman for the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Fraternal Order of Police told CNN’s Erin Burnett:

“This is not Charlotte that’s out here.  These are outside entities that are coming in and causing these problems. These are not protestors, these are criminals.

We’ve got the instigators that are coming in from the outside.  They were coming in on buses from out of stateIf you go back and look at some of the arrests that were made last night, I can about say probably 70% of those had out-of-state IDs.  They’re not coming from Charlotte.”…”

Can you say…


We knew you could!  Does anyone with half a brain believe the next Dimocratic President…


…will prove any different?

Which brings us to the video of the Charlotte shooting released by the wife of the deceased:

Though not showing any sign of a gun, it conforms to the version released by Charlotte’s civic authorities:  

Go to the 4:10 mark for the key phrase in the Chief’s comments, which should then be compared to the inadvertent prescience of Chris Rock’s video at the 1:05 mark…

…with the sole substitution of the words “get out of a car” for the phrase “jump a turnstile”…not to mention the Rodney King correlation.  It’s unfortunate Rock’s reconsidered view of reality no longer resembles the facts.

Meanwhile, this next video confirms what so many of us already knew: in the hands of law-abiding citizens, guns save lives!!!  Watch the beginning, then skip ahead to the 2:00 mark:

Any questions…including the race of the perps versus the would-be victim?!?

Moving on, writing at, John Schindler confirms…

The FBI Investigation of EmailGate Was a Sham

NSA Analyst: We now have incontrovertible proof the Bureau never had any intention of prosecuting Hillary Clinton



“…Three more people got a pass from the Bureau in exchange for their cooperation: Hillary lawyer Heather Samuelson, State Department IT boss John Bental, and – by far the most consequential – Cheryl Mills, who has been a Clinton flunky-cum-factotum for decades.

Mills served as the State Department’s Chief of Staff and Counselor throughout Hillary’s tenure as our nation’s top diplomat. Granting her immunity in EmailGate, given her deep involvement in that scandal – including the destruction of tens of thousands of emails so they could not be handed over to the FBI – now seems curious, to say the least, particularly because Mills sat in on Hillary’s chat with the Bureau regarding EmailGate.

This was in fact so highly irregular that Jason Chaffetz, chair of the House Oversight Committee, pronounced himself “absolutely stunned” by the FBI’s granting of immunity to Cheryl Mills – which he learned of only on Friday. “No wonder they couldn’t prosecute a case,” Rep. Chaffetz observed of Comey’s Bureau: “They were handing out immunity deals like candy.”

Not to mention that Mills has a longstanding and well-deserved reputation in Washington for helping the Clintons dodge investigation after investigation. When Bill and Hillary need a fixer to help them bury the bodies – as they say inside the Beltway – trusty Cheryl Mills has been on call for the last quarter-century.

She played a key role in the Whitewater scandal of the 1990s – and so did James Comey. Fully two decades ago, when Comey was a Senate investigator, he tried to get Mills, then deputy counsel to Bill Clinton’s White House, to hand over relevant documents. Mills went full dog-ate-my-homework, claiming that a burglar had taken the files, leading Comey to unavoidably conclude that she was obstructing his investigation. Mills’ cover-up, the Senate investigators assessed, encompassed “destruction of documents” and “highly improper” behavior.

Such misconduct is a career-ender for normal people in Washington, but not for Cheryl Mills, who over the last several decades has followed the Clintons everywhere they go. Mills has proven her loyalty to Clinton, Inc. time and again, and that loyalty has been rewarded with a pass on prosecution in EmailGate.

To say nothing of the fact that as chief of staff at Foggy Bottom, Mills was in no way functioning as Hillary’s personal lawyer, as Clinton advocates have contended. Even her other title, State Department Counselor, has nothing to do with legal matters, despite the name. That role is traditionally assigned to an esteemed foreign policy guru who is supposed to offer sage counsel to the secretary of state. Mills’ predecessor as Counselor was Eliot Cohen, one of the country’s preeminent scholars of international relations. Leave it to the Clintons to turn that job over to one of their trusted cabal, translating Counselor in mafia fashion as consigliere.

“The whole thing stinks,” explained a retired FBI senior official who professed dismay about the state of his former employer. “This was impossible in my time, unthinkable,” he rued, expressing shock that the Bureau allowed Mills to remain involved in the investigation, including acting as Hillary’s personal lawyer, despite her own immunity.

How exactly Cheryl Mills got immunity, and what its terms were, is the long-awaited “smoking gun” in EmailGate, the clear indication that, despite countless man-hours expended on the year-long investigation, James Comey and his FBI never had any intention of prosecuting Hillary Clinton – or anyonefor her mishandling of classified information as secretary of state.

Why Comey decided to give Mills a get-out-of-jail-free card is something that needs proper investigation. This is raw, naked politics in all its ugly and cynical glory. Corruption is the tamest word to describe this sort of dirty backroom deal which makes average Americans despise politics and politicians altogether…”

We’ve said it before, we’ll say it again: James Comey deserves to be shunned by polite society…which omits any Progressive tea parties or soirees.

On The Lighter Side


Then there’s this from the lovely Shannon Wood:


And in the Sports Section, remember when the Orioles’ Adam Jones was suspended for calling MLB “a White man’s sport”?

We thought not!  No double-standard here, folks…move along!

Finally, we mark the passing of a true American icon:

Arnold Palmer, Golf Legend, Dies at 87



RIP, Arnie; you were a bird of rare plumage whose colors will be sorely missed.