It’s Monday, January 8th, 2017…but before we begin, the WSJ‘s Dan Henninger records…

The Non-Accidental Presidency

Donald Trump didn’t want to be president. History had another idea.


“…Hillary Clinton and her Democrats whiffed on the biggest hanging curve in history. Barack Obama, after the 2008 financial crisis, chose to focus on redistribution rather than restoring the economy’s dynamism. If this had been anything resembling the wise choice, Mr. Trump would not be president now. Even FBI chief James Comey admitted to a mild case of nausea due to the likelihood that the bureaucracy’s (foolish and improper) intervention on Hillary’s behalf helped elect Mr. Trump.

Meanwhile, the press still looks for the Russia collusion narrative somehow to repair matters. Coverage of Mr. Wolff’s book dwells inordinately on a Steve Bannon quote calling Don Jr.’s meeting with a Kremlin lobbyist “treasonous.” Read on, and by “treasonousMr. Bannon means “stupid.” The Trump campaign should have sent a cutout to meet a Russian emissary far from Trump Tower. Any “dirt” on Hillary should have been quietly channeled to Breitbartor maybe some other more legitimate publication.”

In other words, the campaign should have played the Russia angle the way those pros at the Hillary Clinton campaign did.

Now a 70-year-old grandfather with a 10-figure stake in our status quo world (even if it’s not as big a 10-figure stake as he likes to pretend) is president despite himself. His violations of the “norms” are perhaps not as apocalyptic as the Chicken Littles say. They are certainly unlikely to be emulated by whoever comes along next. In the meantime, he’s playing his role usefully. His corporate tax reform was overdue. His curbing of Washington’s regulatory excesses leaves the country better off. There is movement on North Korea’s nukes, a problem that four presidents conspired to dump in Mr. Trump’s lap. His immigration and trade actions are more difference-splitting than the press likes to admit.

Apparently we are meant to learn from this episode that a president can find his way without being a scholar of public policy…”

Sorry, but what does it say about not only the quality, but the qualifications of The Opposition…

…when you lose the Presidency to Donald Trump?!?

Now, here’s The Gouge!

First up, courtesy of NRO, a little background as to why we have little faith in ANY investigation the current cast of deep-state characters at the FBI or DOJ may undertake involving anyone even remotely connected to Hillary or Obama, as Deroy Murdock details…

The FBI’s Dubious Probe of Hillary’s Emails

It was a veritable spa of special treatment.


The FBI did everything but drive Hillary’s getaway car. Former secretary of state Clinton is a free woman largely thanks to the tender loving care that the FBI provided her and her conspirators during its probe of her illegal, unsecure email server and related abuse of government secrets. GOP lawmakers concluded this after grilling FBI deputy director Andrew McCabe on December 21, behind closed doors, according to John Solomon’s molar-grinding expose in Tuesday’s The Hill. “For the first time, investigators say they have secured written evidence that the FBI believed there was evidence that some laws were broken,” Solomon reported. This proof includes what Solomon calls revelations of “irregularities and contradictions” in the FBI’s inquiry.

Meanwhile, Hillary jets willy-nilly around the globe and even denounced President Trump’s North Korea policy as “dangerous and shortsighted” while peddling her book in Seoul, just 120 miles from Kim Jong-un’s Pyongyang headquarters. This was her most despicable misdeed since losing the White House. This farce is the polar opposite of the national ideal chiseled in marble above the entrance to the Supreme Court: “Equal Justice Under Law.” It will remain so until Hillary Clinton, her henchpersons, and her FBI fan club are all locked up.

Along with Lois Lerner, John Koskinen, Susan Rice and Barack Hussein Obama himself.

In a related item, as Andy McCarthy also accurately observes at NRO, “In the Clinton-email case, her intent, regardless of her motive, was clearly criminal.”

For more on the asinine antics of the most-recent incarnation of The Choom Gang, we turn again to the WSJ‘s Dan Henninger, who describes their concerted effort to…

Make Iran Great Again

Like Barack Obama, Iran’s leaders don’t know how a real economy works.


Iran erupted last Thursday. By Friday, the protests against the government, which began in Mashhad near the Afghan border, had spread to dozens of cities. So when we traveled on Saturday to a movie theater on Manhattan’s Lower East Side to see “Darkest Hour,” Gary Oldman’s portrayal of Winston Churchill, imagine the jarring dislocation when the theater’s previews included a trailer for an admiring documentary of Barack Obama’s foreign-policy making, “The Final Year.”

The preview screen filled with expressions of earnest intent from Mr. Obama, Susan Rice, Samantha Power, Ben Rhodes and the Iran nuclear deal’s handmaiden, John Kerry. About 100 minutes later, we were watching Churchill shout at his war cabinet that you cannot do deals with dictators. That would have been about the time this weekend that protesters in Iran were shouting “Death to Khamenei !” It’s nice to see the Iranian people have a sense of humor.

Producing the past week’s protests against the Iranian regime was not the goal of the six-party Iran nuclear deal. Back then, the Khamenei-Rouhani regime was represented as America’s partner in a good cause. Now the governments of the U.S., U.K., France and Germany (Russia is a Khamenei ally, and China only supports crackdowns) have to decide whether their Iranian partner is the people in the streets or the government that is shooting them.

In the preview of “The Final Year,” the Obama team members convey confidence in the rightness of everything they did. But as we learned in November 2016, there was one big thing the Obama people never understood: how a real economy works. By real economy, I mean the private economy, not the economy of public spending.

A central element of the nuclear deal was that it would “help” the Iranian people by lifting sanctions and injecting $100 billion of unfrozen assets into Iran’s economy. This was much the same economic theory behind the Obama administration’s 2009 injection of $832 billion into the U.S. economy. Both flopped because both made the real economy essentially a bystander to state guidance.

The Obama $832 billion went up the government’s fireplace flue. The Iranian $100 billion went into ballistic missile production and for Iran’s proxies in Syria, Yemen, Lebanon and the Gaza Strip.

The moment has arrived for invidious comparisons.

Donald Trump is president because the Obama-Clinton Democrats forgot about hard-pressed voters in Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Michigan. The Khamenei-Rouhani regime is under assault because working-class Iranians began this week’s revolt in cities beyond the capital.

Come to think of it, isn’t that disconnect between the people running governments and the people trying to make a living in the real economy the core reason behind the world-wide burst of populism?

A theme now emerging in Western media is that if Europe’s leaders support President Trump’s “aggressive” posture toward Tehran, that will undermine both the sanctified Obama nuclear deal and support for “liberals” in the Rouhani government. This is where we came in, watching Winston Churchill convince a timid British establishment that an outward-moving dictatorship won’t stop at anyone’s border.

The moment has arrived to admit that Iran’s missiles, nuclear technology and armies won’t stay inside its borders until the people getting shot in the streets are recognized and supported by a too-timid world.

And that Barack Hussein Obama is either, quite literally, the reincarnation of Neville Chamberlain…

…or a dedicated disciple of anti-American Islamofacsism.

Meanwhile, as Michael Brown reports at, the anti-Trump madness continues unabated:

Has President Trump Lost His Mind or Has CNN Lost Its Bearings?


We’re going with the latter!

Next up, also courtesy of, Matt Vespa notes how…

As Media Torches Supposed Bombshell Book On Trump, Author Says Parts Of It Could Be Totally Wrong


“Parts”?  How about the vast majority, if not all of it!  Oops!  Which begs the question just how desperate are Dimocrats and their MSM shills?!?

Since we’re on the subject of the totally desperate, if not delusional, FOX News relates this misguided effort to appeal to “health-conscious” donut downers:

Dunkin’ Donuts eliminates artificial dyes


Yeah,…that oughta bring the organic tofu eaters in by the dozens!

And in the Environmental Moment, the WSJ provides further confirmation hypocrisy is the one thing Environazis own exclusively:

The Marrakesh Climate Express

A Governor’s green policy adviser has a giant carbon footprint.


Hyppos of a feather herd together!

Washington Gov. Jay Inslee signed an executive order in 2016 on telecommuting, noting that letting public employees work remotely can “reduce transportation-related greenhouse-gas emissions.” And those emissions do add up, especially if you commute from Morocco to Washingtonas the Governor’s senior climate policy adviser, Chris Davis, has done since August.

“Heather and I have hoped to expose our two boys to life overseas and an opportunity to act on that long-held goal recently materialized when she was offered a teaching position [in] Marrakesh, Morocco,” Mr. Davis told his colleagues in an email last summer obtained by the Competitive Enterprise Institute’s Chris Horner. Lucky for him, “as our climate work has grown increasingly international in scope, the Governor asked me to continue to help build those networks from abroad.”

When Mr. Davis traveled from Marrakesh to New York to Washington for work this fall, he incurred more than $3,700 in taxpayer-funded expenses. He emitted more than 4,500 pounds of carbon on the journey, according to a United Nations flight emissions calculator. The Governor’s office also approved $2,082 in expenses for Mr. Davis’s expedition from Morocco to Germany in November.

Mr. Inslee’s office must have anticipated that the climate adviser’s travels could raise constituents’ eyebrows. Mr. Davis’s official job description got a rewrite, and it’s peppered with adjectives like “international” and “global.” Before he embarked, he huddled with his boss, Keith Phillips, and Jaime Smith, the Governor’s executive director of communications, to develop talking points “if asked to explain Morroco [sic],” as Mr. Davis put it in another email.

This Marrakesh climate express is all the more noteworthy given that Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Scott Pruitt is under fire for a trip to Morocco in December to promote U.S. liquified natural gas. Critics claim Mr. Pruitt has no role on trade policy, but LNG exports carry legitimate environmental implications. Natural gas is the least carbon-intensive traditional energy source, and Morocco relies heavily on coal for electricity, so American LNG could cut its emissions…”

While at the same time you can cut the hypocrisy with a knife.  Seriously, you couldn’t make this sh*t up!!!  

One quick question: what does he

…have in common with these?

Answer: they both produce not only a lot of hot air, but one helluva lot more CO2 than the rest of us…

combined!  And we’d be willing to bet just one of those eruptions produced far more CO2 than every effort of the Environazis has eliminated to date. 

By the way, we spend an entire week each year personally watching Popecatepetl just oozing CO2 into the atmosphere, whether erupting or not.  So go ahead, thou Professionally Sensitive: keep driving that Prius; it’s about as effective as a…

Turning now, appropriately enough, to The Lighter Side

Then there’s these classics courtesy of Balls Cotton:

Which provides the perfect lead-in for our final item of the day, as we’ll call it a wrap with this from Jim Geraghty and his Morning Jolt:

Forget the Nicknames. It’s Cold and Snowy.


I concur with John Kelly – the columnist, not the White House chief of staff – in his exhaustion of special names for weather patterns:

These days, nothing can be normal. Now a full moon is a “supermoon.” A cold snap is a “polar vortex.” A snowstorm is a “bomb cyclone.”

Really? A bomb cyclone? That doesn’t even make sense. Shouldn’t it be cyclone bomb?

Actually, it should be: “It’s January. It’s going to be cold. It may get windy. It may snow.”

It’s as if the weather suddenly hired a public-relations consultant: “We’re really going to try to add drama and danger to your brand, to make people sit up and take notice and maybe want to hide under the bed when they hear your new, much more menacing name.”…”

Which is frankly why we’ve given up even reading or watching the “news”.  And more frankly, that includes FOX!