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It’s Friday, July 3rd, 2015…but before we begin, continuing the theme expressed through the wisdom of the Founding Fathers quoted above, we honor America’s birthday by noting the bastardization of her Constitution’s bedrock principles by the utterly unprincipled bastards currently controlling the three branches of a federal government Washington, Adams and even Paine would hardly recognize:

Helter Shelter 1Conflicted : Fourth of July 14th of July 2015 1Fork-of-JulyObamaGrill

So here’s to you, America…

Busty 4th of July 1

…a very Happy Birthday, and many happy returns…an expression of sincere affection and goodwill we’ll never extend to the current occupant of the White House…or any of his kind.

Now, here’s The Gouge!

First up, turning for a moment to the utterly unconstitutional, courtesy of Stephen Kruiser writing at PJMedia

Love Her or Hate Her, Ann Coulter Warned Us About John Roberts 10 Years Ago



After conservatives took another gut punch from black-robed Obamacare cheerleader Chief Justice John Roberts, many of us were left wondering just what in the heck is wrong with this guy. After all, these Republican appointees to the Supreme Court are supposed to be on our side, right? They can’t all be David Souter.

It turns out that Ann Coulter sniffed another Souter-esque betrayal in the offing ten years ago:

After pretending to consider various women and minorities for the Supreme Court these past few weeks, President Bush decided to disappoint all the groups he had just ginned up and nominate a white male.

So all we know about him for sure is that he can’t dance and he probably doesn’t know who Jay-Z is. Other than that, he is a blank slate. Tabula rasa. Big zippo. Nada. Oh, yeah … We also know he’s argued cases before the Supreme Court. Big deal; so has Larry Flynt’s attorney.

But unfortunately, other than that that, we don’t know much about John Roberts. Stealth nominees have never turned out to be a pleasant surprise for conservatives. Never. Not ever.

I know it is all the rage in this era of hypersensitive feelings for some conservatives, and almost all moderate Republicans, to bristle at everything Coulter says and be dismissive of her because she has a knack for tossing out an outrageous headline-grabbing comment. Here’s the thing about her: she’s right a lot of the time.

Sure, I’ve got to deduct a lot of points for her flip-flop to become a Romney champion in 2012 but a lot of people were drunk on wishful thinking then (present company excluded). Other than that, she makes a lot of sense. So maybe pay just a little more attention to her from now on. And pray that Antonin Scalia lives to be 148.

So what does Utah’s senior senator think of what Hope ‘n Change terms Robert’s Rules of Disorder?

“All I can say is that the chief justice is a remarkable judge. He’s a tremendous human being. I have a tremendous confidence in him and I believe in him. I differ with him on this opinion…On the other hand, it is a very clever opinion, and I have to say only a clever judge could have written it as well.

Yeah, that’s right; Orin Hatch.  With friends like these…



Consider this: when describing Erich von dem Bach-Zelewski, a man who slaughtered tens, if not hundreds of thousands, and who he wanted to replace Reinhard Heydrich, the infamous Butcher of Prague, Hitler used the term “clever“.  Mere coincidence…or two twisted, two-faced minds thinking alike?

Speaking of the twisted and two-faced, Justice Scalia had this to say on the Obergefell decision:

“Judges are selected precisely for their skill as lawyers; whether they reflect the policy views of a particular constituency is not (or should not be) relevant. Not surprisingly then, the Federal Judiciary is hardly a cross-section of America. Take, for example, this Court, which consists of only nine men and women, all of them successful lawyers who studied at Harvard or Yale Law School. Four of the nine are natives of New York City. Eight of them grew up in east- and west-coast States. Only one hails from the vast expanse in-between. Not a single Southwesterner or even, to tell the truth, a genuine Westerner (California does not count). Not a single evangelical Christian (a group that comprises about one quarter of Americans), or even a Protestant of any denomination. The strikingly unrepresentative character of the body voting on today’s social upheaval would be irrelevant if they were functioning as judges, answering the legal question whether the American people had ever ratified a constitutional provision that was understood to proscribe the traditional definition of marriage. But of course the Justices in today’s majority are not voting on that basis; they say they are not. And to allow the policy question of same-sex marriage to be considered and resolved by a select, patrician, highly unrepresentative panel of nine is to violate a principle even more fundamental than no taxation without representation: no social transformation without representation.

Meanwhile, in a statement which literally exceeds the bounds of incredulity, Roberts writes:

This court is not a legislature,” he wrote. “Whether same-sex marriage is a good idea should be of no concern to us. Under the Constitution, judges have power to say what the law is, not what it should be.

Seriously?  No, SERIOUSLY?!?  Talk about the prejudiced pot calling the biased kettle black!

Which begs the question why Republican Presidents don’t have a pool of pre-qualified, completely-Conservatives jurists from which to draw?!?  No, instead:

Robert Bork has his character quite literally assassinated, and Reagan falls back on Anthony Kennedy.

George H.W. Bush, a RINO if there ever WAS one, takes the advice of John “I Never Saw a Double-Cheeseburger I Didn’t Like” Sununu and Warren “I’m Such a Loyal Republican I Took a Cabinet Post in the Clinton Administration” Rudman and nominates David Souter.  By the way, these are two of the same geniuses who recommended Bush I break his “Read my lips” pledge!

Following the death of William Rehnquist, Bush II, either with malice of forethought or no knowledge whatsoever of his Liberal leanings, names Roberts to replace him

Can you recall even ONE Liberal justice elevated to SCOTUS by a Dimocrat EVER seeing the light of Conservatism?  No, it’s only Republican-appointed jurists…

three stooges

…who turn out to be Progressive ideologues, (aka, “idiots”) in wisemen’s clothing.  It appears though even a blind squirrel eventually finds a nut, the same does NOT hold true for Republican-appointed Supreme Court justices.

Speaking of Progressive ideologues, (aka, “idiots”) in wisemen’s clothing, the WSJ’s Kimberly Strassel details how…

Hillary’s Email Story Unravels

Now that we know she edited the emails before turning them over, the entire record is suspect.


images (1)

“…Clinton scandals have a way of bumping and rolling along to a point where nobody can remember why there was any outrage to begin with. So in the interest of clarity, let’s take the latest news in the Hillary email escapade, and distill it into its basic pieces:

Nothing Mrs. Clinton has said so far on the subject is correct.

A quick correction: At least one thing Mrs. Clinton said in March was true. She deleted email. A lot of it.

Nothing Mrs. Clinton has supplied to the State Department can now be trusted as legitimate. The real bombshell news was the State Department’s admission that, in at least six instances, the Clinton team altered the emails before handing them over…”

Welcome to Washington…

Since we’re on the subject of the olfactory-offensive, courtesy of NROJonah Goldberg correctly identifies the all-to-familiar odor which indicates…

Liberals Are Playing A Racial Shell Game



“Let me get this straight.

Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren is something of a dashboard saint to American liberals, principally for her retrograde leftism on economics. It was alleged a few years ago that she spent much of her professional career lying about her fictitious Native American roots. Warren listed herself as a minority in a professional directory and identified herself as a Native American. There was no evidence to support her claim, other than her own family lore and her personal conviction that she feels part Indian. And yet, when Republicans criticized her for it, they were denounced as racist by many defenders.

Touré, a professional expert on all things racial, wrote in Time magazine, “Warren has every right to define herself” as part Native American. The only way we could truly gauge Warren’s Indian-ness would be to see how much being an American Indian means to her,” he explained.

Interesting thought, that.

A few weeks ago, a woman named Rachel Dolezal, another self-proclaimed expert on race (she taught Africana studies and was, until recently, the head of the Spokane, Washington, chapter of the NAACP), was revealed to be faking it. Dolezal is white underneath her bronzer and braids. Rather than apologize for her fraud, she spoke eloquently about the fact that she just feels black. “I identify as black,” Dolezal explained on NBC’s “Today.”

Touré’s response? Fury. “When she says she knows what it’s like to experience blackness, I’m just like, no! You don’t! Just stop,” he fumed on MSNBC. “And I find it offensive that you would suggest that you do.”

While you try to find a coherent standard in this intellectual morass, I’m going to move on…”

In a related item, we learn outrage can be stunningly subjective, particularly when prompted by political correctness:

Confederacy purge builds steam, while last century’s worst villains spared



“All symbols of the Confederacy are rapidly disappearing from stores, websites and the public square in the wake of last week’s racially charged shooting in a Charleston, S.C., church, but the purge of some allegedly hateful icons has spared memorabilia linked to some of history’s most infamous mass murderers, some critics are charging.

Amazon.com has now banned all Confederate battle flag items from being sold on its site, but the massive e-commerce site continues to allow the sale of dozens of apparel items featuring communist mass murderers such as Vladimir Lenin, Joseph Stalin and Che Guevara, prompting some to accuse the site and others banning Confederate imagery of hypocrisy…”

A reminder for those not up on their history: though Che Guevara didn’t hold a candle to Lenin, Stalin (Or Mao for that matter!) in sheer numbers murdered in the name of La Revolución, he did consider Blacks and homosexuals “enemies of the State” simply on principle.

Here’s the juice:


Oh, and as we predicted when war on the Confederate battle flag was first declared…

‘Dukes of Hazzard’ reruns pulled from TV Land network




It’s worth noting this report comes from Al Jazeera!  You know, the mouthpiece of those soooo tolerant of anyone expressing alternative religious or sexual identification!

Meanwhile, as the world burns, the WSJ highlights how the focus of America’s intelligence service is on creating…

The Central Inclusiveness Agency

CIA Director John Brennan says America’s top spies are not diverse enough, and he’s doing something about it.



“…At a time when global terrorism is resurgent, when the Middle East is burning, when Russian boots are marching, when China is ramping up its military and Iran is on the verge of going nuclear, is it really a good idea to ask the CIA to concentrate on achieving a 30% minority quota in the agency’s leadership ranks?

Mr. Brennan evidently thinks so. In his statement accompanying the study’s release, the CIA director said he has ordered that beginning Oct. 1 every member of his senior leadership team will be required “to attend diversity and inclusion training.” As of that date, these top CIA officials will also be “evaluated on their actions to create, maintain, and sustain a diverse and inclusive environment.”

One can only hope that it will not take a national-security disaster to remind Mr. Brennan that the CIA is first and foremost an espionage agency, with a “core job function” of gathering intelligence and killing terrorists.

We wouldn’t count on it.  Unfortunately, just as in golf, every errant shot these clowns take…


…does in fact make at least one person happy!

And in Tales From the Darkside, more evidence how Whitey’s legacy of slavery and racism is keeping the Black man down, this time in Macon, Georgia:

Report: Macon Wal-Mart mob wanted to see how much damage it could do


Surveillance video of a wee-hours ruckus at a Macon Wal-Mart on Sunday shows a teenager race inside flashing gang signs ahead of a mob of four dozen or so people who burst in and smashed merchandise. The commotion, which caused an estimated $2,000 in damage, appears to have been planned.

The vandals, said to number between 40 and 50, sprinted down the store’s main aisle about 1:50 a.m. Sunday, “destroying merchandise displays and items,” a sheriff’s deputy’s report of the incident noted.

The teenager seen leading the rushing horde of young men and women told a Wal-Mart employee “that this was a planned event … to see how much damage they could cause,” the sheriff’s report said. The teen, identified as 17-year-old Kharron Nathan Green, of Ashton Drive in northwest Bibb County, was arrested when he returned to the store to retrieve his cellphone.


Leading a late-night, riotous rampage through your local Walmart: $2,000; droppin’ yo gangsta face and ‘fessin up when yo folks come down to da station: priceless!

Green was jailed and later released on bond after being charged with inciting a riot and second-degree damage to property. Green, according to the sheriff’s report, first told cops that “he did not know anything about what had happened in the store and that he did not know anyone involved.” But when his mother and father arrived and watched the surveillance footage with sheriff’s deputies, the report said “Green admitted to his parents that the male in the video was indeed him.”

He refused to name others in the crowd, but according to the report said they had all come from a party on the city’s south side. “Hopefully we can identify the others,” Sheriff David Davis said Monday. “Hopefully it’s not a pattern of behavior.” Davis wondered about the parental supervision of the young people involved. Due to the lateness of the hour,” he said, “I don’t know that they were going to be going to church the next morning.”

Turning to the Lighter Side…

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Finally, in the Rachel Dolezal Memorial Idiots on Parade segment, submitted for your perusal:

Bristol Palin says she’s pregnant for second time



Bristol Palin says she’s pregnant for a second time. The daughter of 2008 Republican vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin announced the pregnancy on her blog Thursday. Her representative, David Martin, and Palin family lawyer John Tiemessen confirmed the blog post.

The 24-year-old wrote that she knows this is a “huge disappointment” for her family, close friends and fans. She’s asking people to respect her privacy, and that of her son Tripp, saying, “I do not want any lectures, and I do not want any sympathy.”

Soooo…she asks for privacy…after publicly announcing her pregnancy?  What’s next; seclusion via a new reality show?!?