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It’s Wednesday, June 22nd, 2016…and 75 years ago today, over 4.5 million members of the Wehrmacht invaded the Soviet Union on an 1,800-mile front…

…and the supposed Thousand-Year Reich was thankfully doomed to destruction.

But before we begin, since we’re on the subject of Enemies of the State, like a broken clock, Hairplug Joe may for once be right:

Biden asserts Trump could trigger surge in anti-Americanism



Yes, Joe; but for the first time in over seven years, at least the anti-Americanism will be coming from foreign shores rather than originating in the Oval Office!

Now, here’s The Gouge!

First up, courtesy of Breitbart.com via Jeff Foutch, the Administration whose willful negligence and mismanagement have made both America and the world significantly less safe over the preceding seven years scores again:

Six Diseases Return To U.S. as Migration Advocates Celebrate ‘World Refugee Day


Obama Che tattoo

“What…me worry?!? It’s not Moochie and my girls are in any danger.”

Six diseases that were recently near eradication are making a comeback in the United States, as the taxpayer funded refugee resettlement industry launches a propaganda blitz about the so-called World Refugee Day this Monday. The returning diseases are:

1. Tuberculosis
2. Measles
3. Whooping Cough
4. Mumps
5. Scarlet Fever
6. Bubonic Plague

The near eradication of these diseases in the United States during the twentieth century was a remarkable accomplishment of American civilization. Until recently, most Americans believed these diseases were gone from our shores for good.

But a politicized public health system, and a rise in the subsidized migration into the United States, however, have combined to reverse a century of progress…”

Well done, Barry:

In a related item, a causative factor of the aforementioned problem is the subject of today’s Sh*t You Just Won’t Believe segment:

U.S. Dept. of Justice drops charges against immigrant activist who took refuge at church


man takes refuge in church

“The U.S. Department of Justice has dropped a charge of illegal re-entry against an immigrant activist who took refuge at an Oregon church in 2014 to avoid deportation. Assistant U.S. Attorney Greg Nyhus wrote in a May 27 motion to dismiss the charge against Francisco Aguirre that it was “in the interest of justice.” Nyhus and a spokeswoman for the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Portland did not return messages seeking further explanation Friday.

There’s a darn good reason neither Nyhus nor his spokeswoman were willing to go into greater detail; read on:

Aguirre, the father of two children who are U.S. citizens (undoubtedly anchor babies), still faces possible deportation. He said in a statement he wants immigration authorities to stop targeting his family. This initial victory is proof that when we come together, we can win,” Aguirre said. “The only way to ensure justice for migrants is if we come together as a community and defend our basic human rights.”

What a stirring appeal to American ideals and humanitarianism; except that there’s still more to the story:

Aguirre came to the U.S. from El Salvador illegally in the 1990s, and was deported in 2000 after he was caught selling heroin and cocaine in Portland. He re-entered the country and became an immigrant-rights activist and the coordinator of a nonprofit that runs a day labor center. He came to the attention of immigration authorities in 2014 following an arrest for driving under the influence…”

Drug trafficking, drunk driving and who knows WHAT else!  Oh,…and he entered the country illegally…at least twice!  Aguirre isn’t an activist, he’s a career criminal!

The Left’s support for such individuals is proof positive Evan Sayet is…

…with his assertion Progressives’ obsession with what he terms “indiscriminateness” as a moral imperative renders them not only unable to distinguish between “right and wrong, good and evil, better and worse” or “truth and lies”, it invariably leads to them to “side with evil over good, wrong over right and the behaviors that lead to failure over those that lead to success.”

Liberals support for a criminal illegal alien is a perfect example of the inevitable result of their tortured thinking.  And Mr. Aguirre’s the poster child for Thomas Sowell’s assessment of the Left’s mangled morals: “That which is held in esteem qualifies to be their target; that which is held in disdain qualifies to be their mascot.”

Next up, by now you know how, in a move straight out of 1984 that would have made Winston Smith’s Ministry of Truth proud…

DOJ to scrub Islam references from transcripts of Orlando terrorist’s calls to police



“I swear to tell Obama’s version of the truth, the whole of Obama’s version of the truth, and nothing but Obama’s version of the truth, so help me Allah!”

…The Obamao’s Department of Injustice & Divisiveness attempted to pawn off on the public a redacted version of Omar Mateen’s 911 calls.  It’s what James Taranto terms:

quite possibly the most indefensible decision taken by the government in recent history. We mean that literally, in that we couldn’t find anybody defending it. Even left-wing sites like Vox, Salon and the New York Times, normally willing to endure any humiliation in the service of Obama administration talking points, treated it as straight news or ignored it altogether.

Even the White House wouldn’t defend it, as poor Loretta Lynch met the underside of the Obama bus:

…“All of the decisions about releasing the transcripts were made by Justice Department officials,” he said at the daily press briefing at the White House.

Whether or not the decision reflected White House orders, there’s no question it reflected the mindset at the top. Another comment from Earnest, reported by the Hill, underscores the point:

“Using the term ‘radical Islamic terrorism’ is not a counterterrorism strategy. It’s a political talking point, plain and simple,” press secretary Josh Earnest told CNN on Tuesday morning.

“The president has built an international coalition of 65 nations to take the fight to ISIL. He has not relied on a political talking point as a counterterrorism strategy. Republicans in the Senate who like to talk have that luxury. When you’re the president and you’re responsible for keeping the country safe, you don’t have that luxury,” he said, using an alternative acronym for the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS).

This is typical of the administration in so many ways. There’s the political talking point “It’s a political talking point.” There’s the straw man, as if anyone were claiming that “using the term” is sufficient to constitute “a counterterrorism strategy.” Critics fault the president for refusing to tell the truth. Lying isn’t a counterterrorism strategy either…”


As Townhall.com’s Katie Pavlich reports

“…There’s just one huge problem. The Department of Justice is still censoring material on a number of levels and the so-called “reversal” is hardly a full transcript. Further, the “full” transcript still fails to print what Mateen actually said.

First, the FBI won’t release the audio. Reading a printed, translated transcript in English, rather than listening to Mateen toggle between English and Arabic gives Americans a completely different picture of what happened during the attack and is misleading at best.

“When you are a Jihadi you don’t use the word ‘God.’ What was he witnessed shouting in the nightclub as he was mowing down his fellow Americans? He wasn’t shouting ‘God is the greatest’ in English, he was shouting ‘Allahu Akbar,’ so the idea that he suddenly translated into English for the dispatcher is absurd,” Dr. Sebastian Gorka said in an interview with Fox News last night.

Second, the so-called “full transcript” is only about a minute in nearly 28 minutes of conversation between Mateen and authorities. Where are the other transcripts? We’re barely scratching the surface.

Remember, this is the same FBI whose impartiality and sense of duty we’re told we can depend on to bring Hillary to justice.



Since we’re on the subject of effective law enforcement and real justice, the WSJ‘s Bill McGurn relates one sterling example of success which still causes Dimocrats to cringe:

Guns, Democrats and Terror

When the NYPD successfully took on guns and terror, liberals howled.



“That didn’t take long. Right after Orlando, President Obama promised he would “spare no effort to determine what—if any—inspiration or association” had sent Omar Mateen on his murderous spree.

Now, just one week later, his attorney general, Loretta Lynch, tried to have the Islamist “inspirations” and “associations” Mateen invoked scrubbed from the transcripts of the 911 calls released to the public—before being forced to back down on Monday. No one should be surprised. The impulse to edit out anything that confirms acts of terror are acts of war is fully consistent with standard operating procedure these past eight years.

And if Hillary Clinton is elected in November, it will be the same for the next four.

Like the president, Mrs. Clinton has used Orlando to relaunch the liberal offensive on the “gun lobby.” She promises “to do everything” to take “weapons of war off our streets.” She further calls for an “intelligence surge.”

Tough stuff, right? Unfortunately, the moment any of these efforts run up against political correctness, they will almost certainly collapse under liberal pressure. How do we know? There is no better example than the post-9/11 experience of New York under Police Commissioner Ray Kelly.

Mr. Kelly began his second stint as New York’s top cop on Jan. 1, 2002, when the city was still clearing debris from the Twin Towers. His charge looked impossible: Prevent another terror attack, and maintain the progress against gun violence begun under Mayor Rudolph Giuliani.

Over the next 12 years the finest police force in America did just that. In so doing, Mr. Kelly pulled off what President Obama and Hillary Clinton now claim are their post-Orlando priorities—a full-fledged assault on gun violence, and “smarter” policies to identify terrorists before they strike.


…The larger point of New York’s record here is that it’s not enough to have smart and effective policies if the goal is to bring down gun violence and stop terrorists. The other critical factor is a leader like Mr. Bloomberg, willing to buck political correctness and back his law enforcement team.

Worth thinking about in light of a Democratic attorney general who tried to censor pledges of fealty by an Islamist mass murderer and a Democratic presidential nominee who claims she would be tough on guns and terror.

Now, compare the reality Kelly and Bloomberg achieved with the myth promoted by their replacements…then run it through the filter of Sayet’s Hating What’s Right: How the Modern Liberal Winds Up on the Wrong Side of Every Issue.

All the while, as this video clip and the latest from Heather Mac Donald confirms, The Left…


Then again, this is the same Pete Williams whose reaction to a question regarding his network’s lack of coverage of Lois Lerner’s missing emails was…

Any questions?!?

Next we move to the metropolis with the most restrictive gun laws in the country, as…

Chicago Marks 300 Homicides in 2016 Over Father’s Day Weekend



“Father’s Day marked a grim milestone for Chicago, as the city recorded its 300th homicide of 2016. A total of 13 people were killed and 43 were injured in shootings over the weekend. Of Chicago’s 300 homicides this year, more than 200 of them have been from firearms. About 1,800 people have been shot this year in Chicago.

In late May, it was revealed that shootings are up by more than 50 percent in Chicago since last year. Six people were killed over Memorial Day Weekend…”

Not that any of killers cared about either the victims or their fathers.


Besides, it wasn’t the fingers on the triggers; it was the guns!




Oh,…courtesy of Allen West, it’s worth remembering those who enabled Loretta Lynch to assume her diabolical duties:

Conservative American Online has provided a handy guide for the 20 Republican turncoats who voted in favor of cloture for the nomination of Loretta Lynch to continue the “social justice” agenda of Barack Obama. Since it takes 60 Senators to vote for cloture, if only 7 of these 20 supposedly Republican Senators had voted against cloture, the nomination of Loretta Lynch would have died.


And here’s the list of the RINOs who then proceed to vote in favor of the nomination of Loretta Lynch as Attorney General. Since confirmation requires 50 votes, if 7 of these 10 had voted no, her nomination would have been unsuccessful.


Finally, it’s important to remember the names of the 10 who voted for cloture and then turned around and cast the “correct” vote of no on Lynch’s nomination, as it’s likely many of them will say they voted “against” Lynch.


If you see these folks in your neck o’ the woods, be sure to call them out on that one.

Thus did nominal Republican Olympia Snowe provide cloture on The Unaffordable Care Act…

Olympia Snowe

“But…but…but…I voted against Obamacare!

…prior to voting against it…after her “nay” meant absolutely nothing!

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, the would-be leader of The Gang Who Still Can’t Shoot Straight apparently believes the presidency will simply fall into his lap, as he sure as shootin’ ain’t runnin’…

trump's non-campaign

…a serious campaign…as Townhall.com‘s Guy Benson records:

Trump Camp in Disarray: Hillary Crushing GOP Rival on Ads and Ground Game


trump has a price

The man hasn’t run a campaign ad since the Indiana primary…which was back in early May!!!  And all of his “free publicity” since then has been negative…thanks to his unerring ability to put his foot squarely between his orange-tinged lips!

Commenting on today’s…”release”…of noted Trump strong-arm Corey Lewandowski, the WSJ‘s Paul Gigot observed:

“…But the hard reality is that the problems with the Trump campaign aren’t Mr. Lewandowski’s fault.


They are Donald J. Trump’s. If he wants to avoid a historic loss like 1984 or 1972 that costs the GOP its House and Senate majorities, he’ll take more instruction from political professionals. If he doesn’t, don’t be surprised if unbinding the GOP delegates to choose another nominee at the July convention starts to seem like an urgent and attractive option to a growing number of Republicans.

Which brings us, appropriately enough, to three items from NRO.  First, John Fund suggests…

Trump Thinks Doubtful Delegates Are Hostile, but They Just Fear Reality

Trump’s sinking poll numbers are inspiring some GOP delegates to look for a Plan B.



Donald Trump wasn’t pleased at news that some delegates to the GOP convention next month have become so exasperated with his latest antics (including calling the judge in his Trump U fraud case “a Mexican” and tweeting, in response to the Orlando massacre: “Appreciate the congrats for being right on radical Islamic terrorism, I don’t want congrats, I want toughness & vigilance”) that they are looking for ways to nominate someone else.

The news isn’t surprising. Polls currently show Trump slipping badly against Hillary Clinton and Democrats opening up a double-digit lead in the generic congressional vote. After looking at these numbers, a member of the 112-member Rules Committee for the convention told me: “Delegates aren’t kamikaze pilots. They can’t ignore that in the six weeks since Trump beat all his primary opponents, he has been leading us to a crack-up.”


Trump doesn’t see it that way. (Then again, Trump is crazy as a sh*thouse rat!) In Las Vegas on Saturday, he accused Jeb Bush and possibly Ted Cruz of being behind any effort against him. “By the way, Jeb is working on the movement, just so you understand,” Trump told a rally. “Jeb is one of the people that’s working — and the other one should be obvious.” Kirsty Campbell, a spokeswoman for Jeb Bush, dismissed the charge by tweeting that “Donald Trump’s unending obsession with @JebBush is really unhealthy.”

Trump at first dismissed the effort as “a media hoax,” but he now takes it seriously. Saturday, he said: “First of all, it’s illegal. Second of all, you can’t do it. Third of all, we, not me, we got 13, almost 14 million votes since the primary system.” (Eloquent, ain’t he?!?)

Trump might want to go to school on the actual Republican-party rules. Only a handful of states seek to bind delegates to vote for anyoneeven on the first ballotand those rules are never enforced. In recent years, GOP delegates have gone against the vote of their caucus or primary at least 256 times…”

In a similar vein, Jim Geraghty echoes Fund’s findings: 

What Would Need to Happen for Trump to Lose in Cleveland?

Any insurrection would face long odds, but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible.



“…The task before the rebellious anti-Trump delegates is considerable. They first need to get 57 members of the 112-member Rules Committee to affirm that they may vote their consciences and reject the candidate they have pledged to support. The Rules Committee consists of 112 Republican delegates — one man and one woman from every U.S. state and territory, plus Washington, D.C. It is chaired by former Utah congresswoman Enid Mickelsen and co-chaired by longtime RNC member and GOP lawyer Ron Kaufman. Neither figure is seen as a Trump loyalist; both are thought to be allies of the previous nominee, Mitt Romney, who remains intensely critical of the real-estate mogul. It is, thus, conceivable that the Rules Committee might side with insurgent anti-Trump delegates. BUT


…The rules decided upon by the Rules Committee must then be ratified by 1,237 of the 2,472 delegates. Right now, Trump is estimated to have about 1,542 delegates committed to him, at least on paper, in Cleveland. More than 300 would have to abandon him on a rule-change vote and a subsequent nomination vote for an insurrection to succeed. It could happen, especially if Trump continues to seem headed for electoral disaster in November, but it’s unlikely.

Still, over the weekend, House speaker Paul Ryan offered a comment that Lonegan perceives as a green light to delegates: “The last thing I would do is tell anybody to do something that’s contrary to their conscience,” Ryan said. “This is a very strange situation. This is a very unique nominee.

You can say that again!

Lastly, David French urges conservative Christians…

Don’t Bend Your Knee to Trump, Evangelicals

A candidate who subverts all of our most cherished values should be avoided at all costs.



“…We have our well-known flaws, but our churches are at the forefront of fighting for the family. They’re at the forefront of combating substance abuse and providing fathers and mothers for the world’s orphans. They battle for life even where abortion is available on demand, persuading countless women to keep and to love children they once wanted nothing to do with. I’ve never in my life attended a church that failed to feed the hungry, care for the needy, and minister to those in prison.

Just think for a moment how many of those values Trump subverts. He has discarded two wives and brags of his sexual conquests. He praises Planned Parenthood, the nation’s largest abortion mill. He intentionally foments racial division, attacking an Indiana-born judge merely because his parents came to America from Mexico. He retweets the most vile online racists. Everywhere he goes, white supremacists follow, tormenting his online opponents with horrific images and overt threats. He claims to support the working man, yet he demonstrates aggressive economic ignorance, threatening to play games with American credit and trade in a way that would prove ruinous for families who live paycheck-to-paycheck. He views our fighting men and women as mere instruments of the presidency, and expects them to commit war crimes on his orders. He traffics in the worst conspiracy theories, treats his opponents with utter contempt, and uses his friends to his own ends. He lies as easily as he breathes.

The faithful Evangelical every day pleads with God, “Less of self, more of thee.” Trump each day demands, “All of self, none of thee.”

And yet some Evangelicals appear willing to use their God-given talents and abilities to actually help elect him — because of the Supreme Court. What are they thinking?…”

Probably, just as with Richard Nixon versus Hubert Humphrey or George McGovern, they view Trump as…


…the lesser of two evils.  Unfortunately…


Here’s the juice: when you lie down with dogs, you wake up with fleas.  And these two fleas carry, thanks to Barry, Yersinia pestis…the baccilus of Bubonic Plague!

Speaking of plagues upon humanity, in today’s Muslim Minute, as Commentary Magazine‘s Jonathan Tobin informs us, contrary to what The Dear Misleader would have us believe…

Iran Had Uranium. Uh-Oh.



“What do a few particles of uranium tell us about the future of President Obama’s signature foreign-policy achievement? Nothing good, especially for those that would like to put the debate about the Iran nuclear deal behind us and assume, as the administration claims, that it precludes Tehran’s ability to create a weapon. These particles at Iran’s Parchin facility are the clues that confirm much of what critics have been saying since the deal was concluded last year—not only about Iran’s untrustworthiness but also the assumptions about its ability to “break out” to build a bomb. Above all, what those particles tell us is that the United States and its allies still have no firm idea of how close Iran is to building a viable weapon should it decide to cheat on the agreement or even if it simply waits a decade to expire. Parchin is the proof that the deal is more of a prayer than the guarantee Obama promised…”

“Prayer”?!?  It’s a suicide pact!!!

Which brings us to The Lighter Side:

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Finally, we’ll call it a week with How You Know A Business Just Ain’t Gonna Make It:


The dreaded “three turkey vultures”: the polar opposite of “three stars” for a restaurateur!

We’ll be taking some time off for some business in L.A. the rest of this week, followed by a trip home to participate in our father’s memorial golf tournament which raises funds for student-athletes at our high school where, after playing for the Redskins between the Wars, Dad both started the football program and served as Athletic Director.

mckee6mckee555 mckee777

So until Friday of next week…possibly even the 4th of July…